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ECS Services NSW strives to become a well-known and reputable company in the Australian electrical industry. By combining our state of the art products with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service, ECS Services NSW aims to ensure that its clients electrical needs are always met and exceeded to the highest degree.

Additionally, as our employees are the soul of the company, we aim to ensure that all of our employees are provided with current and on-going training and development such that the quality of work they provide to clients reflects a high standard of workmanship, safe working procedures and policies, and quality installations.

Have a read of the common electrical services we offer to our customers in your area. If there is something not listed below, please call us on 0421 859 756 or fill out our call back form to have a chat.

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Our most requested services for Bella Vista

Lighting Install in Bella Vista

ECS Services NSW covers all your lighting requirements. From downlights to chandeliers, dimmers to weather proof lights, ECS Services NSW can install or replace whichever light you need. Our experienced and professional electricians can respond to your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any lighting emergencies. All ECS Services NSW electricians are equipped with state of the art products.

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Powerpoints Install in Bella Vista

Do you find that there are never enough powerpoints in your bedroom, kitchen or office? In our ever developing technological world, it seems like everything needs to be plugged in. ECS Services NSW can install powerpoints in existing homes or offices or utilise our services in your new development. Call ECS services NSW now for the installation of your powerpoints!

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24/7 Emergency Services in Bella Vista

ECS Services NSW are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your electrical emergencies. Electrical storms, short circuiting and blown fuses can leave you without electricity and if this happens outside of normal business hours you might feel lost. ECS Services NSW’ professional electricians will be there quick smart to solve your electrical fault as soon as possible!

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Fault Finding in Bella Vista

You might think a flickering light is simply a nuisance and nothing more. In actual fact, it could be related to an electrical fault which also presents as sparking powerpoints, ‘zappy’ appliances or general loss of power. This is dangerous and needs to be rectified for your safety and the safety of your family or employees. ECS Services NSW will come equipped with the latest equipment to diagnose your electrical fault, quote you completely and you’ll be on the way to having the issue resolved promptly.

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Phone and Data Installation in Bella Vista

If you need a new phone, ADSL or LAN line installed in your home or office then you need to call ECS Services NSW. It is essential to have these lines installed by a professional to prevent future faults or cause issues with other electrical equipment. Static phone line or internet continuously dropping out can be quickly and efficiently diagnosed and repaired by our thorough and professional team. We also specialise in network cabling, wireless access points and any other electrical need you might have.

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Smoke Alarms Install in Bella Vista

It is imperative that all homes and offices are fitted with smoke alarms. Fires are an all too common occurrence to not have the necessary safety precautions in place. They are required by law to be installed on every floor and positioned so that everyone will be able to hear it should it sound. ECS Services NSW will ensure all smoke alarms are placed appropriately where they won’t be affected by air flow and educate you on proper upkeep of your alarm to keep your property safe.

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Surge Protection in Bella Vista

A power surge can affect the longevity of your electrical equipment. An electrical storm can cause a lightning strike or cause a tree to fall on power lines leading to a massive surge which can immediately damage all devices plugged into it. Smaller surges happen more frequently, cause less damage but gradually deteriorates the device plugged in to the powerpoint leading to unsafe electrical devices or the breakage of the device altogether. At ECS Services NSW, we provide the latest technology in surge protection from voltage suppressors to complete shut off of power if maximum voltage is reached, all with indicator lights to show power levels. Call us today to arrange surge protection solutions.

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Bella Vista FAQs

Your Local Residential Electrician in Bella Vista

Another sensible idea, if it is dark outside already, is to check if other houses on your street are affected. A quick glance out of a window should be all that’s required to determine this. If it seems that other houses are not affected, then you have an electrical emergency on your hands.

That may not sound serious, but actually it could be potentially very serious. In some situations, if not attended to promptly, electrical faults could start fires. You definitely won’t want to have a fire, and besides, it’s really inconvenient to have the power off.

What you need is the services of an emergency electrician. Bella Vista is served by ECS Services NSW, your local electrician in Bella Vista.

Emergency Electrician in Bella Vista

You can call for emergency electrical assistance at any time, day or night, any day of the year. It does not matter if it is a holiday or a time that an ordinary residential electrician in Bella Vista would not make a house call. We understand how important it is to take prompt action in the case of electrical faults.

Bella Vista to provide any kind of electrical services you need. Don’t delay in seeking professional help with your emergency electrical problems, and never allow an unlicensed person to attempt to investigate or fix any faults.

Not only is that illegal and dangerous, but it could invalidate your insurance. That would mean that if your property was damaged or somebody got hurt, the insurance company would refuse to pay out on any claims.

Why Choose a Local Bella Vista Electrician?

After that, your insurance premiums would be likely to increase, and you may even have difficulty obtaining other insurance in the future.

That is why you should always be sure to use a licensed electrician. The difference could not be more profound. Licensed electricians have their own insurance, so all their work is insured. They’re also trained in what they’re doing and know how to do the job properly.

So when you need a Bella Vista electrician, think of ECS Services NSW, and call 1300 327 679.

ECS Services NSW provides electrician services to Baulkham HillsWinston HillsKellyvillePennant HillsCastle Hill and surrounding suburbs.

Why We’re The Best Local Electricians in Bella Vista

We all know how important electricity is in our everyday lives. Without it, many of the things we do on a daily basis in both our private and professional lives become extremely difficult and inconvenient, if not entirely impossible.

And not only that, but when an electrical issue arises, it quite often represents a deeper problem than the one on the surface. Whilst at first it may seem like a minor inconvenience, an issue with faulty or broken electrical systems and devices will often develop into something more serious and potentially dangerous if left unresolved for any length of time.

For all of these reasons, it’s extremely important for homeowners to have access to a reliable and efficient electrical service when things go wrong.

And because electrical problems can arise at any time of the day or night, any day of the year, it’s absolutely vital that your go-to electrician is able to do emergency callouts at night and over the weekends.

Why Choose ECS Services NSW as Your Emergency Electrician in Bella Vista?

Winston Hills homeowners who are looking for a professional Winston Hills electrician can always rely on the team here at ECS Services NSW to provide them with the professional, reliable electrical services they require.

Because we’re a 24/7 local electricianWinston Hills customers can be certain that we’ll be able to promptly respond to any situation – regardless of the time of day or night, 365 days a year. And, because we continuously invest in our staff training and our state of the art equipment, we’re always able to provide much more than simple, quick-fixes to problems.

Instead, when they choose us as their residential electricianWinston Hills locals can expect us to provide a fully comprehensive fault-finding service, determining exactly what the root cause of the problem is and ensuring that we’ve fully resolved the issue in a safe, thorough and permanent way.

Hear from some of our local customers…

Edward was great to deal with. Extremely pleasant both on the phone and in person. He turned up on time and completed all the work that needed to be done in a timely and efficient manner. Very happy with the quality of service and the price. Would highly recommend Edward.
Frances Kerr
Frances Kerr
07:22 16 Mar 19
Honestly one of the most genuine, hard working, and reliable tradesmen I've ever met.After 4 days of dealing with inferior electricians who either don't get back to you after you call, or don't show up when booked it was a breath of fresh air to finally find someone I rely on.I would definitely recommend Edward to anyone, I'll definitely keep his number, and use his services again in the future.
Tony M
Tony M
03:14 17 Jan 19
Great service, honest and fair price . Would definitely recommend and will be using again. THanks Edward for a good job
Christine Reid
Christine Reid
00:25 13 Jan 19
Ed is the best! Very reliable very kind, very knowledgeable! I will recommend him to everyone I know.
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang
21:47 23 Dec 18
This is the best local electrician i can find. Ed is very helpful and quick to respond. I had a entire house power outage due to storm last late friday, he is able to respond my requests quickly, isolate root cause and provide options. Ed has a very great attitude and go extra step to help negotiate with local power suppliers help restore the service. What i can say it is, use this company, you wont regret!
Sam Yang
Sam Yang
22:49 17 Dec 18
Very efficient, helpful and friendly service. Fixed multiple issues in under half an hour. Thanks so much.
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman
19:19 17 Dec 18
Edward is friendly and did what I asked in a quick and professional way, and tidied up the areas after work. Happy with the result!
Jin Young Kim
Jin Young Kim
22:44 19 Nov 18
Fixed the problem over the phone. Nice service. Really helpful. Thanks Edward!
tky tsui
tky tsui
09:14 06 Aug 18
Had a emergency Saturday 6pm mains power out. Called this company and spoke to Edward. We both came up with what we thought the problem might be and Edward came out about an hour later to confirm that the cause was indeed a hot power point. Meaning the power point had a dead short and was fried. This is how house fires start, power point replaced as well as a hallway faulty light socket $340 later and all was powered up once again to service our needs. Quality work, well done Edward✅
John Meijer
John Meijer
00:08 15 Jul 18
Really fantastic, quality service. Quick and comprehensive response to my initial online enquiry. Job done within two days of making contact. Great professional service with real care and time taken to ensure the works were both compliant and as per our request. I absolutely recommend Edward.
Linda Henry
Linda Henry
04:47 15 Jun 18
We recently used Edward and his team for all the electrical in our new home. Every step of the way Edward made us feel very comfortable and advising us of all the requirements we may have missed, from designing to installing. He takes pride in all his work and has a very good eye for detail. I will be definitely passing on his details and referring him to anyone who may require an electrician. Thanks Again Edward! L.Alice
Lillian Alice
Lillian Alice
05:14 01 Mar 18