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5 Handy Electrical Tips to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

By March 24, 2020No Comments
Electrical Tips for Autumn

Autumn may be a beautiful month for many Australians, but it’s also a good time to double-check electrical wirings and other appliances. From scheduled electrical maintenance work to emergency electrical repairs, homeowners need to look into what’s good and what’s not in their homes.

As a trusted electrical service provider in various suburbs in the Hills District, we’re sharing 5 important things homeowners can do to ensure that their homes are safe and sound throughout the Autumn and Winter months. Do you regularly practice any of these?

1. Put new batteries in your smoke detectors

Ideally, you need to change the batteries twice a year before your smoke detectors start beeping. Smoke detectors are an important part of any home as it helps homeowners identify a potential fire before it gets bigger. Installing new batteries will keep your smoke detectors be more accurate.

2. Test your lights

Make sure that your lights have been replaced to prevent them from burning out. In case your lights do go out at any time of the day, you can call our 24/7 electrical services and an emergency electrician will come over to help you assess your situation.

3. Test outdoor outlets

Be sure to test them out before fully using them for your leaf blowers and before winter time. Buy socket protectors so that they don’t freeze up.

4. Install a generator set

In case of power outages, get yourself a generator set that you can use during a black out so you can stay comfortable.

5. Conduct an energy audit

Talk to a trained auditor to see if you can improve and upgrade to appliances that are energy-friendly.

You can do all of these by yourself, or you can ask the assistance of our residential electricians from ECS Services NSW. We provide 24/7 electrical services to the suburbs of Castle Hill, Glenhaven, Hills District and Baulkham Hills. Schedule us for standard electrical checkups or call us for emergency electrical repairs to fully prepare you for Autumn!

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