The future of power in homes

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Solar power

The traditional sources we have depended on to power our homes are fast becoming out-dated. The future of power is evolving and we can expect things to become even more advanced as time goes on.

Technology will revolutionise the concept of power in homes and how we live in our homes. The internet is without doubt the most influential driver in the future of power so let’s take a look at just some of the technologies that will use the influence of the internet to change the way in which we power our homes;


One of the main areas that smart technology can have the biggest impact on is energy usage. The integration of developments like smart thermostats can reduce energy costs by up to 20%. The smart thermostat allows you to control the heating in your home so you will use less energy, reduce the cost of your energy bills and improve the comfort level of your space by keeping the temperature at an optimal level.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming more popular as they allow homeowners to monitor what is happening in their homes regardless of where they are. And while improved security is an obvious benefit of this, it’s impossible for your camera and thermostat to communicate with each other when it comes to heating your home. The camera can power your heating system by detecting whether rooms are in use and only heating them when the sensors detect the room is in use.

Solar Power

Most households will have made the switch to solar power in the next 10 years as the cost of installing solar energy reduces and becomes more accessible to those earning an average income. This will allow you to power your own home and export any unused power to the grid. The benefits of utilising this source of power are two fold; homeowners can decrease their electricity bills while simultaneously reducing their greenhouse gas footprint.


Batteries, as we once knew them, are a thing of the past. Technological improvements in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have reduced the cost of this eco-friendly alternative. Reduced cost of lithium-ion batteries has increased economies of scale available and these are now used in so many of our everyday products including smartphones and laptops. This advancement will make independence from the electricity grid more attainable.

Smart Lighting

An emerging technology is smart lighting. With this innovative technology, lighting can be altered based on programming or sensors and shift the lighting to the areas of a room that are being used. This can all be programmed via internet connection. This technology is still relatively new and it will take some time and upgrades before it becomes mainstream.

Air and Water Systems

Air purification systems are beginning to become more popular and they will play a huge part in the future of how we access water at home.

The future is green

With all of the above technologies set to become mainstream over the next few years, the future is looking bright and green in terms of how we power our homes. Not only will your pocket thank you for making the above upgrades but the planet and our future generations will thank you too. It’s a win-win!

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