What is and isn’t an emergency electrical job?

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Electrician job

Electrics and electrical systems are so complex that installations, repairs and maintenance tasks should always be completed by a qualified professional who has many years of experience.

To make sure that your system is running safely and at optimal levels, it’s essential that you get it serviced regularly. It’s also important to be able to distinguish between what is and what isn’t an emergency electrical job.

Not sure what constitutes as an electrical emergency? Let’s discuss some of the most common scenarios that warrants you to pick up the phone and call your local electrician as soon as possible:

  • Burning smell – If any device or appliance is giving off a smell of burning you should contact an emergency electrician immediately. Electrical fires can start with no other warning signs other than a burning smell so if you notice one, it’s a warning sign that there could be a serious issue about to cause a lot of damage if it’s left untreated.
  • Sparks from an outlet when plugged or unplugged – This could potentially cause an electrical fire so be sure to get all your plugs serviced if sparks are an issue.
  • Faulty wiring – Dimming or flickering lights can be indicative of an issue with your wiring. This can pose a massive danger to the safety of your home and your family so it’s not an issue that should be overlooked. Despite the age of your home – whether it’s brand new or old – be sure to get it looked at as soon as you can.
  • Regular trip breakers or blown fuses – If the circuit breaker is tripping regularly, it’s a sign that your wiring needs to be re-done as it’s not capable of catering for the demands that are being put on it in terms of energy output.
  • Plugs overheating – An overheated plug can become a much bigger issue if it’s not looked at. The usual cause is a loose wire – either in the socket or in the plug – but it’s still cause for concern.
  • Loose outlets – A loose electrical outlet has the potential to start a fire behind the wall.
  • Electrical shocks when touching a plug or cord – An electrical shock could lead to devastating damage or even death so it’s essential that the relevant plugs/cords are inspected and repaired by a professional.
  • So while the above are all electrical emergencies, the following can be dealt with in a less urgent manner;
  • Aluminium wiring upgrades – No longer used in newer builds, aluminium isn’t the safest material to use with electrical wiring so all homeowners are advised to get an upgrade but it’s not urgent.
  • Light bulb replacement – replacing light fittings is not urgent and can be done at a time that’s convenient for you.

When it comes to the electrical system of your home, it is best to treat most issues as an emergency. Given the complexity of these systems choosing to leave any electrical fault for any length of time to repair may be detrimental in so many ways. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your safety and call a qualified electrician in any instance that you suspect any danger. Remember; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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