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What Causes Spikes in My Electric Bill?

By November 5, 2019November 20th, 2019No Comments
electric bill spikes

When reviewing your latest energy bill, is there an unexplainably large difference between the last one? Receiving an energy bill that is significantly higher than what you normally expect often has two explanations. One, is that your household has started consuming more energy over this billing period and two, is that your energy provider has changed how they record your consumption. If none of these seem to fit your situation, ECS Services, your trusted electricians in Hills District, discusses other possible causes.

Reasons for Spikes in Your Electric Bill

  • Inaccurate Meter. The location of your meter, especially during the summer time, will affect your energy readings. If it’s located directly under the sun, it can malfunction and present you with a faulty read, causing your energy consumption to spike.
  • Appliance Failure. A super-high electric bill can also be caused by a major appliance on the fritz. Inspect your refrigerator or air conditioner, as they may be working double time to cool, causing you to pay more. Have a trusted electrician in Baulkham Hills inspect your appliances to determine if they have been damaged.
  • Seasonal Changes. Seasonal changes are one of the most common causes of electrical spikes. Leaving your thermostat on spring settings during hot months can cause your AC system to work harder to keep your house cool, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Hot Water Overflow. While you may not be using hot water to bathe, your hot water use in other areas of the home such as in the dishwasher and the washing machine can cause spikes in your energy bill.


Reducing Your High Electric Bills

Schedule a home energy audit with a trusted electrician in Castle Hill to help identify improvements you make around the house to improve its energy efficiency and lower your electricity bills over time. Usual improvements include adding insulation, switching to LED light bulbs and adding weather stripping. Applying these home improvement suggestions to your home can help you save five to 30 percent on your energy bills.

Consider your day-to-day habits as well and determine how you can change them to decrease your consumption during peak hours. For instance, make sure you turn off all the lights and unplug your appliances when you leave home for work. If doing so everytime you leave is a pain, you can purchase smart power strips that will help you manage them. You can also do larger loads of laundry to decrease the number of loads. If it’s not particularly hot, consider being more conservative in using your AC system as this uses a significant amount of energy.

ECS Services offers complete electrical services in NSW and the surrounding areas. Worried about spikes in your electricity bill? Get in touch with our professional team and we will help you uncover its root causes and reduce your consumption over time. Contact us and get a free electrical quote today.

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