When you should contact an electrician

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Electrician in Western Sydney

Are you a homeowner? If yes, it’s probably fair to assume that, like the majority of homeowners in Australia, you have a limited knowledge of the intricacies of electrical work. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Whether your home is a new build or you’re living in an old house, it is likely that your home’s electric system could benefit from some TLC, whether that’s in the form of repairs, upgrades and/or maintenance checks.

If you’re unsure as to when you should contact your local electrician to book a call-out, we’re about to share some of the most common scenarios when it pays to have a professional electrician on speed dial.

  • Does your electrical circuit breakers frequently trip? Do your fuses blow regularly? If so then it’s time to call in an electrician. If either of these is a persistent problem, then repeatedly replacing the fuses or resetting circuits is not the solution you need. This will cause your system to draw more current than is sustainable or safe to do so.
  • Both of these situations recurring frequently can be indicative that there is a potentially dangerous problem with one or more of the circuits and a qualified and expert electrician can identify where the issue lies and safely repair it/them.
  • Have you noticed that your lights flicker and/or dim unexpectedly when you use a particular appliance? This is because excessive amounts of electrical current are used to power appliances that operate with a motor. If you notice your lights dimming or flickering, it is likely that the problem appliance is straining the power and that it requires its own dedicated circuit.
  • Don’t ever ignore warm plugs. If you notice that switches, power points and any other appliance surfaces are warm to touch this could be an indication of a more serious underlying issue. An electrician should examine warm surfaces as soon as possible.
  • Likewise, if you get an electric shock off outlets, switches or appliances this could also be indicative of a bigger issue that could have disastrous consequences.
  • Older homes and offices weren’t designed to meet the demands of the electrical items that we now use on a daily basis. Aside from the inconvenience of not having enough outlets placed conveniently throughout your home, it’s important that your electrical system is upgraded to cater for the amount of devices that you and your family/employees use.
  • If you think you could benefit from having more outlets in specific areas of your home/business premises, an electrician can install them for you.
  • If you have cords and wires running under rugs and around the perimeter of your floor, it’s time to get your electrician to tidy things up for you.

Given the safety risks involved with electrical systems it is so important that you only hire a qualified electrician to look after your home or workplace. They can provide electrical testing services and a range of other services to guarantee your safety and that of your family’s/employee’s.

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