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Electrical Requirements To Consider When Relocating

By April 20, 2020No Comments
Electrical Requirements Before Relocating

Are you moving soon? Moving into a new house can be exciting and daunting at the same time. But before you relocate, you need to organise yourself and make sure that all electrical functions in your new home are working properly. 

You’ll need to work with an experienced electrician or an electrical services provider to make the necessary installations and repairs. Once they’ve made an assessment, they’ll update you with electrical requirements that still need to be done.

Wondering what those are? Here are 4 electrical requirements you need to know before moving into your new home.


1. Let Your Electrical Services Provider Know You’re Moving Out

If you’re moving within the same area, allow around two to four weeks to inform your electrical services provider know that you’re moving to a new home. 

This will give them enough time to install any additional wiring and systems – lighting, smoke alarms and other electrical services – in your home.


2. Do a Final Meter Reading

Conduct a final meter reading for the electricity (aside from water, gas and other utilities) and keep a copy of that information should you incur an unexpected bill. Your electrical services provider will help you do this.


3. Pay Overdue or Cancellation Fees

It’s always good to know if you owe anything to your utility service providers, so contact them early enough so you can settle any outstanding balances. This not only improves your credit score but it also gives you peace of mind as you move into your new home.


4. Get in Touch with A Reputable Electrical Services Provider

If you’re moving away to another city, it’s best to research and contact a reputable electrical services provider. You can ask the original owner of your new home or your soon-to-be neighbours.

Find the one that best serves your needs. Get to know if your provider has an experienced electrician team that can fix any problems in your new home or if you can call them in an emergency 24/7.

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